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About Belek

Belek is a small municipality within the Serik district of Turkey's Antalya Province. This modern resort town consists of two small villages: Kadriye and Belek. Approximately one kilometer from the coast is an 8 km long road connecting the two centers.

Kadriye is a village located on a flat coastal plain supporting agricultre and farming. The village has 5 primary thoroughfares lined with cafes and restaurants. In the center of the village is a clock tower, where Tuesday's markets are held.

Approximately 8 kilometers eastward along the coast is Belek, which is larger than Kadriye and has a greater variety of shops. In the centre of Belek there is a new theatre, a man-made waterfall and the town's primary mosque. Market day in Belek is Saturday.

Belek is one of Turkey's tourist centers and has more than thirty 4 and 5 star hotels, as well as other types of accomodations. Belek is a known as the golf center of Turkey. It was the site of Turkish Airline's World Golf Championship.

History of Belek

Belek's history dates back to 4th Century B.C. The area has been under Hellenistic and Roman rule in ancient times, and was later controlled by the Seljuks. It also has Byzantine influence in its sculptural and architectural forms. When King Attalos II handed the territory over to the Romans in 133BC, the Roman influence became predominant after 133 BCE. The romans built, stadiums and gymnasiums, and theaters.

Belek is located within easy driving distance of several cultural attractions, including the historic sites (Aspendos, the best preserved theater from the ancient world, and Perge, extensive ruins of an ancient city) and the region's capital city of Antalya, which has an internationally acclaimed archeological museum where the statues and artifacts taken from Perge are on display.

Nearby spots of geological interest are the Manavgat waterfall and Koprulu canyon. Belek is also the location of the Kursunlu Waterfall, where over 100 species of birds make their home.

There is a shopping center in Belek, but Antalya Lara's Terra City, a huge mall with international brands, is not far from Belek. Lara also has the She Mall and Laura shopping center complexes, which include cinemas and food courts.

Belek properties are close to the beach and it has silky sand, sun and beach activities.

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