Frequently Asked Questions

You can find this information either in the Terms and Conditions field on the relevant page in the brochure or via the Terms and Conditions link on almost all Excursions24 websites. Just click the Terms of Service link and read through to get the answers you need. If your booking has already been confirmed, you can also find this information at the bottom of your Excursions24 receipt.
Excursions24 is a purely online booking service, so telephone reservations are not possible. However, our customer service agents will answer your booking questions 24/7 via email (in English). Excursions24's customer service guarantees a response to your inquiries within 36 hours, and most inquiries are answered within 12 hours. Please note that correspondence with Excursions24 after booking may be in English. If you wish, we can provide you with a translation, but the response will then take longer than in English.
Hotel pickup locations are either on the brochure page or will be advised upon confirmation. You may also be required (on the printer-friendly travel receipt) to call the tour operator's local phone number 24 hours prior to travel to confirm hotel pickup information. The relevant information about the tour operator can be found on your Excursions24 receipt under Important Information. It is a good idea to print out the brochure page and travel receipt and staple them together so that you have all the information with you when you arrive at the starting point.
The days on which a tour operator offers services are indicated on each brochure page under the heading Tour Dates or Theater and Show Schedule. The tour or event dates are on the same pages under Tour Location or Theater and Show Schedule.
Availability depends on the type of travel event booked. For each offer, it is indicated directly under "Further information" whether a confirmation is made at the same time, i.e. can be booked, or whether Excursions24 has to contact the organizer and a confirmation is made within 12 to 48 hours. Availability cannot be determined automatically before your reservation request is processed.
The tour or event dates are located on the brochure pages under Tour Location or Theater and Show Schedule. The days that a tour operator offers services are listed on each brochure page under the Tour Dates or Theater and Show Schedule heading Shows stated. Please note tour dates are subject to change and all booked trips require reconfirmation prior to departure.
Most tour operators do not offer a pick-up service from your place of residence. You must indicate in your booking request the nearest major hotel that is closest to you and can be picked up from. You can also make your own way to the starting point of the tour, the is stated on the brochure page under the heading Location.
This depends on the tour operator and needs to be checked directly with them on the day of the tour. Most tour operators can drop you back off at a major hotel or place in town depending on their schedule that day. Ask on the day of travel or check with the tour operator directly on site beforehand whether this is possible
The meeting point for the start of each tour event is indicated on the brochure page under the Location heading. Additional information may also be included under the More Information heading on the same page. If you require directions on how to get there please contact us within 24 to 48 hours prior to the confirmed tour date directly with the tour operator. The phone number can be found on your Excursions24 receipt under the Important Information heading.
Excursions24 does not provide any advice or information on visas, passports or health requirements. It is the responsibility of all travelers to check with their respective consulates if visas are required in addition to the passport. As these requirements are subject to change without notice, it should be Information on visas, passports and health requirements are obtained prior to departure
Excursions24 accepts a maximum of 9 participants per booking. The travel arrangements offered by Excursions24 specialize in alternative travelers and small groups. We cannot guarantee that large travel groups will have adjacent seats. We do not currently offer group discounts
This information can be found on the brochure pages under the heading Tour Dates or Theater and Show Schedule. Please note that public holidays vary in many locations where we offer tour events some tour operators decide at short notice to close operations on certain public holidays. This may be communicated with the booking request.
Excursions24 products can only be booked online. Please book your travel arrangements early, because many tours and products from Excursions24 are very popular and can be fully booked after a short time. If you want to book directly on site, you have to get in touch with the respective tour operator there.
For many of the tours and activities offered on this website, a German-speaking tour guide or audio guide is available. Simply select "German" as your preferred language in the language options. If the tour or activity is not offered in German unless otherwise stated, it will be in English. When the tour is available in German, this will be reflected on the brochure page, price list and, where applicable, on the tour or activity option selection page.
Excursions24 only offers the discounts listed on the brochure page under the Pricing heading. No other group discounts, such as military personnel, AAA or NRMA, are currently offered.
Our brochure pages are created electronically and are only displayed on the web. Here you will find all the information you need about the travel product you require. Please email Excursions24 Customer Service if you require any additional information that is not provided on these pages are.
You can request offers for Excursions24 products online at any time. Simply follow the booking instructions and specify the desired travel date and the number of participants. We will then send you a "Live" offer for the relevant product. If you would like to take advantage of the offer, please proceed with the online booking process. All offers created online are valid and up-to-date.
For more than 98% of the travel products offered by Excursions24, the brochure pages contain price tables showing how far in advance a travel product can be booked at any given time. If the date you require is outside of this period, please create Bookmark the relevant brochure page as products are updated weekly. Some products are only updated once a year when tour operators set prices for the new season. If you cannot find the information you need on the brochure pages, please send an e- Mail to Excursions24 customer service.
Most of the travel events offered by Excursions24 can only be booked after you have selected a date in advance. The exceptions to this are tickets for attractions, hop-on hop-off buses and certain sightseeing tours.
Excursions24 offers the services of more than 1000 tour operators worldwide and each booking is processed separately with the respective operator. For this reason, Excursions24 cannot offer discounts for multiple bookings.
If you require information about services not provided by Excursions24 (such as accommodation options close to the departure point of a tour), please contact a local travel agent or tourist office. Tourist offices often have a website that you easily found on the Internet by entering keywords into your browser.
You can choose from a wide range of tours, events and attractions at Excursions24, but we do not offer customized tours. If you are looking for something other than what is available online in our product range, please contact a local travel agent or tourist office.
Most of the day trips and sightseeing tours don't have an airport pick-up service. Usually, airports are far from the city center, so the operators don't offer transportation from there. If a pick-up service is offered, it is on the site or transfer from the airport is indicated. If this is not stated, this service is not available. Please provide the name of the hotel from which you can be picked up, or go directly to the pick-up point listed on the Meeting Point page.
Some internet providers classify general confirmation e-mails as they are sent by Excursions24 as "spam". Please check your spam folder to see if you have already received e-mails from Excursions24 If you have set your spam filter to the highest security level, only emails from senders in your mailing list will go to your inbox spam folder. These e-mails are automatically deleted after a maximum of seven days.
Unless otherwise stated, your booking will be confirmed once you have paid for the service. Special conditions are outlined on the individual tour or activity information page. Most bookings are confirmed at the same time. In some cases you will receive confirmation within from 12 to 48 hours. If you have not received any response after this, please call Excursions24 customer service. If you do not receive a confirmation or other notification within 48 hours, please contact Excursions24 customer service.